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Walls, lights, colours and sounds build the tissue of the environment in which we live. Architects and interior designers so far have struggled to bridge the gap between plasterboard decorated wall and a multimedia installation that only a technician knows how to run.


It's time to turn the page.

All In Wall is the modular solution that allows you to integrate games of lights, sounds, scents and heat in a simple and convenient manner.

All In Wall is unique: integrated, extensible, and versatile, it is the answer to every idea in design: in 5cm a work of art comes to life, it reacts to you with lights, sounds, scents and heat: a complete emotional experience.

20 years experience in manufacturing environments in the forefront express themselves in a solid product that is easy and quick to install.

Choose one of the ready made designs or ask for advice and create your own custom artwork.

Installing a wall system takes little time and fullfills your wildest expectations. Tickle your senses with scents, music & sounds, heat.

Upon request we can equip the modules with environment friendly heating and be made resistant to water for outdoor installations or for the bathroom.